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I love living on the road. I love the slower pace. I love the freedom. It’s all about living simply and minimally. Well…my version of minimally anyway. It’s also about being prepared to figure out problems on your own because you’re not always near a big, well equipped town. I apply this same attitude to staying healthy on the road. Simple, minimal, prepared.

Since I’ve had two sick kids in the span of as many days, I figured this was the time to share my method of keeping us healthy with you. Admittedly I did not adhere to this method this week because we’ve been so busy running back and forth to town visiting with my husband and all the kids’ friends. Dumb. When you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off is actually the perfect time to pay more attention to your health.

So okay, grab a cup of tea and here we go!

There are certain things we do on a regular…okay, semi-regular…basis to keep our bodies healthy and make up for the lapses in nutrition that can sometimes show up on the road. Or midweek of a crazy over-scheduled February. Whatever. We’re moms, not superwomen, so we really don’t need a food desert as an excuse for grilling cheese sandwiches or handing out bowls of cereal for the third night in a row, right? Right.

First, Tummy Candy. It’s kind of like pixie stix, only good for you. And the taste? A-maz-iiiiiiing! Did you hear the angels sing? I thought I heard singing. Y’all we take this stuff every. single. day. It contains both pre- and pro- biotics in a little tear top pouch of deliciousness. I could go on and on about the benefits of gut health, but for all our sakes I’ll just keep this simple. My middle daughter’s pediatrician told us that she absolutely needed a probiotic so this one is mandatory for us. After seeing the difference in my daughter, we all take it and surprisingly not a single child fights about it. Did I mention the deliciousness?

Second up is Elderberry Syrup. I always keep a dry kit on hand to cook up at the slightest sign of illness in the kids or the community. I happen to sell a few of these dry kits through my Etsy shop, The Cinnamon Ginger, but I won’t be hurt if you buy some pre-made at the store. Just get some.

This stuff is great for so many reasons. I have all of my ingredients broken down with links in the kit description if you want the science-y details. Oh! And I have found the solution to chasing the kids around the kitchen with a spoon full of syrup too. We found these cute little shot glasses that I premeasure everyone’s syrup in and then we just reuse them for our shot of…

Ninja Juice! Yep. My third must for staying healthy is Ninja Juice. Also known as Ningxia Red. The kids call it Ninja Juice, and the name fits because it packs a serious nutritional wallop. Wolfberry, blueberry, plum, sweet cherry, pomegranate and an essential oil blend all mixed together. My spooky kid likes it because she says it looks like blood. My honey badger likes it because it tastes like blood and honey. I’ve stopped asking them for flavor reviews. If you want to make your own flavor review, let me know.

My secret weapon though is something I only do if someone is already sick or we’re going to be in a large crowd or congested area. Thieves Oil. We’re talking plague legend oil. I keep mine in a little jar with a roller ball for easy application.

Then I just line the kids up and roll it on their feet. My husband rubs it on his chest and through his beard. It smells magical in either place but I have to admit I would rather inhale my husband’s chest than my kids’ feet. Gosh that makes me miss sniffing my husband.

Of course, we still do get sick. Depending on its severity we’re fully prepared to pack up and google an emergency room but thankfully we haven’t had a true emergency on the road yet. I keep my RV Health app handy on my phone for video conferencing a doctor and my pantry stocked with comforting goodies. The second anyone gets sick we get a lot more serious about the elderberry and ninja juice. Thieves oil gets rolled on feet and dripped in the diffuser. Tonight we had a blend of Thieves, Snifflease, and Sleepyize for the girls’ bunkhouse.

I always keep raw honey on hand. It can go in tea or just get eaten straight for throat relief. Sometimes I even get fancy and pour it over a sliced lemon. Lemon slices go in tea and the lemon honey syrup gets sucked off a spoon. Another delicious remedy. Are you noticing a trend? I also keep garlic drops (for earaches) and a variety of teas in the cupboard. I have a well stocked enough herbal cabinet to make my own but when I’m sick, I don’t want to have to think about what I’m whipping up so I trust the Traditional Medicinal brand to keep us going.

The only other things I keep on hand are two salves: Fairy Magic and Sleepy Balm. 

Fairy Magic is my Swiss Army Knife.  Scraped?  Fairy Magic.  Cut?  Fairy Magic.  Do you need stitches?  Fairy Magic and give it ten minutes.  Burned?  Fairy Magic.  Accidentally amputate a toe?  You got it.  Fairy Magic. 

For everything else, there’s Sleepy Balm.  I used to give the kids backrubs with this stuff when they were babies.  It’s just so soothing.  We also use it for minor tummy aches, emotional distress, and minor demon possessions.  It’ll calm anything down.

And that’s it.  If balms, oils, magical tummy dust, and witchy brews can’t save you, then it’s time to call in a second opinion. This life is all about simplicity.  Having a wellness plan and having supplies on hand all make that simplicity possible.  You don’t have to worry about scrambling when something goes wrong or someone gets sick.  You just follow the steps.  And in the meantime you can focus on… everything else.  Life, travel, family, exploration.  Whatever brings you joy.  Happy travels.

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