A Walk Through The Woods

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I’m raising children that still believe forests are magical places. As the trees envelop us a hush falls over everyone.

Granted, it is a short lived hush because the children have so much to share and say as we walk, but I don’t mind.

I love walking through the woods with the kids. Each of them has a different perspective and things catch their eye that I never would have noticed myself.

The fact that the Forest loves us as much as we love it is shown in the shape of the leaves.

The animals that aren’t afraid to cross our path.

And that isn’t a butterfly stopping on my toe but a tiny fairy flitting over to say hello.

Yes, forests are magical places with rock giants hiding…

And mystical doorways opening if only you are brave enough to speak the right words.

Another child turns away from the fairies and instead dwells on the darker aspects of the forest. Trolls under bridges…

Witches trapped inside of trees, held captive by bark and vine.

Monsters lurking in shadows.

Still another child sees the beauty of Nature’s lines and itches for a paintbrush while the oldest chatters on about erosion and the power of water over time.

These hikes are more than just pleasurable though. They are part of the living education that the kids are receiving. Call it roadschooling. Call it wildschooling. Call it homeschooling. It doesn’t matter what you call it. They are absolutely absorbing knowledge by seeing it all in action.

National Parks, State Parks, National Monuments, National Battlefields… The kids love reading. And they love our curriculum, The Good & The Beautiful. But to be able to experience what we’re studying… This is priceless.

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