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What’s in the box? September Edition

*This post may contain affiliate links. Using these links adds no cost to you but does earn a little money for our family. We only recommend products that we used ourselves and believe bring value to those around us.

Today was an exciting day! It was Amazon and Young Living delivery day so I had plenty of boxes to open.

I’m going to ignore the Amazon boxes because replacement sewer gloves and a dehumidifier just aren’t nearly as much fun as the other box.

And boy is it a big box this month. We have been trading one cold for another for the flu the past few months as we travelled hard and much faster than normal across the midsection of the US. Diagonal from Florida to Washington with just short stopovers in Kentucky, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho for National Parks and a few weeks for some much needed Daddy/Husband time.

At any rate, your body feels the miles. Even more so when you’re eating fast food and not resting. Worn down and exhausted from the pace, we’ve caught every bug along the way. Of course, my stores were also running low so I couldn’t take all of our normal precautions to keep from getting sick.

That all ends now. I’ve hit the herbal shops, the produce markets, and hauled this big box all the way up to the camper. It’s time to get healthy. Let’s see what’s in the box.

Ninja Juice. Also known as Ningxia Red. This is actually a big portion of the box. The kids and I normally take daily shots of this little elixir because it is absolutely packed with fruit and essential oils. We ran out somewhere in the middle of Iowa, and I am completely convinced that missing this daily dose of goodness paved the way for us getting so worn down. I bought the Essential Rewards pack so that I received four wine sized bottles of juice as well as thirty little squeezee juice packs that are great for travel days.

Tummy Candy. Also known as Kidscents MightyPro. This is a Prebiotic +Probiotic Supplement that we take on a daily basis. It’s like a pixie stick that’s actually good for you.

Feather the Owl. This is the replacement diffuser for the bunk room. The girls named her Moon Feather. I held out for this particular diffuser (it was sold out last month) for a couple reasons. First, I like Young Living diffusers because they are super easy to clean. We’ve had a handful of store bought diffusers and they all end up gross (think slimy and I really hope not moldy) because the crevices are so hard to get into to clean. Not Young Living. All of my Young Living diffusers have been super easy to fill, use, and clean. Second, it’s just so darn cute. Thirdly, it has a built in white noise player so we don’t have to worry at bedtime if our Kindle has an internet connection or not. Lastly, it has a nightlight, and, this is what sealed the deal, the owl’s claws are touchable to control the nightlight independently from the diffuser. So if someone wakes up from a nightmare, they can just reach over, pet their owl, and turn on a very subdued light.

Thieves Household Cleaner. Oh my gosh, I love this stuff! This little bottle will last me six months or more. Just add a capful (Or two because there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, right?) into a spray bottle and clean all the things! I’ve also been known to toss a capful into loads of particularly gross laundry and even down the tanks to keep things smelling nice. I have the Thieves hand sanitizer, mini spray, foaming handsoap, toothpaste, and…

Thieves Essential Oil. We diffuse this every time we get sick. I want it in the air, landing on all the surfaces, killing all the germs. We roll it on our feet when we get sick, and I even wear it on my necklace whenever we’re going to be in doctor’s offices or large crowds.

Kidscents Tummygize Essential Oil. This one goes exactly where it sounds. On the tummy. We’ll sprinkle a few drops on tummies and in diffusers any time someone gets an angry rumbly in their tummy. A must have for travel days.

Peace & Calming Essential Oil. I’m a mom of four kids. I don’t even think I need to explain this one. We use it every single day, and, like Thieves, we never let it run out.

So that’s my order…but it’s not the only thing in the box. Because I use the monthly subscription service, Essential Rewards, I also earn freebies. This month I received a full sized jar of Multigreens herbal supplement, a full sized jar of Inner Defense essential oil supplement, a 5ml bottle of SniffleEase essential oil, a 5ml bottle of Raven essential oil, and a 5ml bottle of Ginger Vitality essential oil. Two of those were actually on my list to purchase so getting them free was super happy. I also received a 5ml bottle of Lavender essential oil free with the owl diffuser.

That’s $$$ worth of free merchandise just for buying stuff that I would have bought anyway. You can find all of these products and the opportunity to grab your own monthly subscription box by clicking the Witchy Gypsy Oils tab.

3 thoughts on “What’s in the box? September Edition”

  1. Wow! Loving everything in your Subscription Box! The owl’s adorable! 🙂

    I HEART essential oils as well, especially my roller blends and EO bracelet. Hope you have a wonderful and healthy fall season along with happy travels.


    Liked by 1 person

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