Murphy’s Mayhem

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You know those days when you are foolish enough to utter the words, “At least it can’t get any worse“? Yep. Today was one of those days.

And be warned, I have the pictures to prove it.

First the (inexpensive starter) sewer hose cracked while we were emptying the black tank. Poo shower. No worries, clean up and replace hose. (recommended replacement)

Then our honey wagon (poo transport) popped off a wheel and dragged behind the truck for a while. Poo trail and puddle. ***Update: Customer service from Camco was AMAZING! We had a new honey wagon shipped to us the next day for FREE! They are serious about the warranty on this thing.

A fellow camper helped us hoist up the very heavy poo tank and get the wheel reattached. A ranger brought a bottle of bleach for the puddle. Then we hand towed it the rest of the way to the dump station. The ranger followed along with the bleach bottle to sanitize the trail. Once it was empty it was much easier to toss in the dumpster.

RIP Tankie

Now that we had no way to empty our tanks without moving the camper every day, the campground took pity on us and moved us to a sewer spot. The compassion of strangers, from the fellow camper to the ranger never ceases to amaze me.

The girls really stepped up and got the camper ready to move while the boy and I were dealing with all the poo. All we had to do was hook the camper up to the truck.

And then, (ginormous sigh) the power jack went out.

***Update: It was this little guy! We’ll now keep one of these on hand for emergencies.

Y’all that was almost the end of it for me. I was cold. I was tired. We had been covered in poop TWICE. Shark week started this morning so hormones are EVERYWHERE. And of course the boy and I had had next to nothing to eat all day.

Deep breath, Momma. The tears can come later. And while I had wandered off for a moment to collect myself and sing out my frustration, the girls had loaded the dog, and the boy had begun manually lifting the camper to put it on the truck.

And now the tears did come because MY KIDS ARE AMAZING.

We managed to get set up in the new spot and muscle the camper on and off of the truck. Ten thousand pounds, y’all. We are exhausted. And starving.

Once we had food in us, we remembered, the mobile repair guy that fixed the jack last year showed us a few different places it can go wrong so maybe we can fix it ourselves without having to call someone new out.

Now we’re all snug and warm. The day is behind us and we’re ready for bed. There have been some challenging days along the way. Today was a CHALLENGING day. But the good days still outweigh it.

Life will trip you up every day. In little ways. In big ways. It gives you opportunities to rise. To go further than you ever thought possible.

The kids and I faced each of these problems alone. But we weren’t alone. We had each other. And even my husband, states away, was super supportive the whole day long on the phone with encouraging words and gifs to make us smile.

We can do this. Together. With grace, a few tears, and more than a little laughter.

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