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Who’s ready to dig deeper into Valor?

First, the basics and the obligatory disclaimer.

I am not a doctor. None of the statements included in this post have been approved by the FDA or any other cool acronym known agency. It is Young Living’s official stance that they and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific disease or illness. Young Living Independent Distributor #14632733

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This is one of our absolute favorite oils!

The name says it all for this oil. Valor. It is literally defined by courage…especially in battle or the face of great danger.


From the bottle: Woodsy, floral, well-rounded aroma

May enhance the appearance of healthy-looking skin

Offers skin-beautifying benefits when combined with Young Living’s ART Light Moisturizer

Improves the appearance of skin when applied topically

Enhances massage for a rejuvenating experience
Features a spicy, sweet, positive aroma that inspires confidence and courage

Helps freshen the air when diffused

Creates a grounded environment for yoga and meditation

Valor is not just a single oil, but a blend specifically formulated “to balance energies and instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem. It helps the body self-correct its balance and alignment.”

Let’s look at the oils that were chosen for inclusion in this blend.

Black Spruce leaf oil (Picea mariana)

Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil comes from Young Living’s Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, Canada.

Diffuse this rich, woodsy, and invigorating scent during meditation to create a fresh aromatic atmosphere. Add it to skin care products or apply it topically to help improve the appearance of dry skin or to help maintain the appearance of healthy-looking skin. Northern Lights Black Spruce can also be applied anywhere, including to the bottoms of feet, along the spine, back of neck, or used for massage.

This oil includes the naturally occurring constituents alpha-pinene, camphene, and beta-pinene.

The Lakota Indians used black spruce to strengthen their ability to communicate with the Great Spirit. Traditionally, it was believed to possess the frequency of prosperity.

Medical Properties: Antispasmodic, antiparasitic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, hormone-like, cortisone-like, immune stimulant, antidiabetic

Fragrant Influence: Releases emotional blocks, bringing about a feeling of balance and grounding.

Excerpted from the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 7th Edition

Camphor Wood Oil (Cinnamomum camphora)

Not available for sale as an individual oil through Young Living.

Camphor Wood was chosen for its skin-benefiting properties and strong, herbaceous scent.

The fragrant camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) and its products, such as camphor oil, have been coveted since ancient times. Having a rich history of traditional use, it was particularly used as a fumigant during the era of the Black Death and considered as a valuable ingredient in both perfume and embalming fluid. Camphor has been widely used as a fragrance in cosmetics, as a food flavourant, as a common ingredient in household cleaners, as well as in topically applied analgesics and rubefacients for the treatment of minor muscle aches and pains. Camphor, traditionally obtained through the distillation of the wood of the camphor tree, is a major essential oil component of many aromatic plant species, as it is biosynthetically synthesised; it can also be chemically synthesised using mainly turpentine as a starting material. Camphor exhibits a number of biological properties such as insecticidal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anticoccidial, anti-nociceptive, anticancer and antitussive activities, in addition to its use as a skin penetration enhancer. However, camphor is a very toxic substance and numerous cases of camphor poisoning have been documented. This review briefly summarises the uses and synthesis of camphor and discusses the biological properties and toxicity of this valuable molecule

The National Center for Biotechnology Information https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6270224/

Blue Tansy flower oil (Tanacetum annuum)

Most Young Living Blue Tansy oil comes from Morocco.

Though blue tansy is harvested from tiny yellow flowers in the chamomile family, the naturally occurring constituent chamazulene turns the powerfully pure Blue Tansy essential oil a beautifully rich blue color during the steam distillation process.


From the bottle: Sweet, floral aroma

Key constituents include eucalyptol, limonene, b-pinene, linalool, a-terpineol, and viridiflorol
Possesses skin-cleansing and soothing properties

May help reduce the appearance of blemishes

Can moisturize and help beautify the skin when added to a moisturizer

Soothes fatigued muscles when combined with Cool Azul™ essential oil blend
Has a sweet, floral fragrance

Creates an uplifting environment when diffused

Medical Properties: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic/anesthetic, antifungal, anti-itching, relaxant, hormone-like

Excerpted from the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 7th Edition

Frankincense oil (Boswellia carterii)

Young Living distills Frankincense oil from the resin of Boswellia carterii trees located in northern Africa, near the Arabian Peninsula.

Frankincense essential oil is considered a holy oil in the Middle East, where it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years and was one of the gifts given to Christ at his birth. Frankincense is mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian scroll from approximately 1500 BCE, that documents its use. The Ebers Papyrus is a list of 877 prescriptions and recipes.


From the bottle: Fresh, subtle, woodsy aroma

TopicalAromaticKey Constituents
Promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin

May help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones
Has a sweet, honey-like, and woody fragrance

Has a stimulating aroma






Medical Properties: Antitumoral, immuno-stimulant, antidepressant, muscle relaxing

Fragrant Influence: Increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, improves attitude, and uplifts spirits.

Excerpted from the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 7th Edition

Geranium flower oil (Pelargonium graveolens)

Most Young Living Geranium essential oil comes from Egypt.

Geranium essential oil comes from the Pelargonium graveolens plant, a multibranched shrub that grows up to 5 feet tall. Geranium oil is produced by steam distilling the plant’s flowers and leaves. It is native to subtropical southern Africa and was used by the Egyptians to promote beautiful, radiant skin.


From the bottle: Floral and herbaceous

TopicalAromaticKey Constituents
May help maintain the appearance of healthy, youthful-looking skin

Helps promote healthy, radiant-looking hair

May help cleanse the skin
Has a sweet, floral fragranceCitronellol


Citronellyl formate


Medical Properties: Antispasmodic, antioxidant, antitumoral, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, hemostatic (stops bleeding), antibacterial, antifungal, improves blood flow, liver and pancreas stimulant, dilates bile ducts for liver detoxification, helps cleanse oily skin; revitalizes skin cells

Fragrant Influence: Helps release negative memories and eases nervous tension; balances the emotions, lifts the spirit, and fosters peace, well-being, and hope.

Excerpted from the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 7th Edition

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