The Birth of a Witch

The Birth of a Witch post thumbnail image

If words have power, and I believe they do, I refuse to cower, and not speak my truth.

With magic dripping from my fingertips, spells cascading from my lips, speaking power.

For good or ill, we’ll have to see. I feel the power within me. And I call to the power without.

Mother, I am here! Father, hold me near!

Wrap a blanket of protection around those I love, and keep them safe from harm…within, without…below, above.

Let me learn what I need to know. I am not afraid to bleed, to heal, to grow.

No longer sick of body or mind. All that doesn’t serve me is now left behind.

With this knowledge, with this power, I transcend. I choose to change my frequency.

I choose to embrace my belief in me. I choose to know and to see. As I will, so mote it be.