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Who’s ready to dig deeper into Tea Tree?

First, the basics and the obligatory disclaimer.

I am not a doctor. None of the statements included in this post have been approved by the FDA or any other cool acronym known agency. It is Young Living’s official stance that they and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific disease or illness. Young Living Independent Distributor #14632733

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Tea Tree Oil
(Melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea Tree Oil was one of the first essential oils that I remember hearing about. Overnight it seemed to be in everything…foot scrubs, face washes, shampoo.

For good reason too. Even mainstream doctors and cosmetologists recognize the awesome abilities of this plant powerhouse.

When my son was just starting to grow his hair out and going through his beanie phase he started growing a fungus on his head. Gross, I know. The doctor told us two things. One, if you have super thick hair, don’t ever pull it back or cover it up while it is still wet. That creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus. Two, if you ignore number one and end up with a fungus, just use tea tree oil. She recommended adding it to his shampoo, and if that didn’t work, applying it straight to his scalp and then combing it through the hair. Also, stop sleeping in the beanie.

Miracle of miracles, it worked. From one mom to another, she also told me that it works to get rid of warts too. I always think it’s neat when a medical professional is willing to talk oils. So let’s dig a little deeper.

For centuries Tea Tree essential oil has been beloved for its countless wellness and beauty benefits. Today it’s one of the beauty industry’s favorite essential oils. Tea Tree essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, native to Australia. The tree is part of the Myrtaceae botanical family. Most Young Living Tea Tree essential oil comes from Australia and South Africa.

Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh, invigorating scent that can be diffused to mask unpleasant odors. Tea Tree also makes a great addition to skin and beauty products because of its cleansing properties.


Q: Can pure, unrefined, 100% tea tree oil be toxic?
A: When Tea Tree oil is used as directed it is not considered toxic. However, when using oils or supplements please be sure and follow the direction on the label, and always consult your health care provider before using any product or if you begin to have a reaction.
Q: What is Terpineol and how much of it is in Young Living’s melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oil?
A: Terpineol is an isomeric alcohol that is naturally occurring in essential oils such as Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree).
Q: What percentage of camphor is contained in tea tree?
A: There are no detectable amounts of camphor in tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia).

From the bottle: Sharp, clean, astringent aroma

Features & Benefits

TopicalAromaticKey Constituents
May help reduce the appearance of blemishes

Helps maintain healthy-looking hair and scalp

Maintains the appearance of healthy skin and nails when applied to feet and toenails

May work as a naturally derived deodorants
Helps eliminate musky odorsTerpinen-4-ol



1,8-cineole (Eucalyptol)







Highly regarded as an antimicrobial and antiseptic essential oil. It has high levels of terpinen-4-ol.

Medical Properties: Powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory action

Uses: Fungal infections (candida, ringworm), sinus/lung infections, tooth/gum disease, water retention/hypertension, skin conditions (acne, sores)

Fragrant Influence: Promotes cleansing and purity

Essential Oils Desk Reference, Seventh Edition

Thank you for joining me in digging deeper into Tea Tree. This is one of the oils that we don’t allow to run out. Being a mom, I never know what new weirdness the kids are going to bring to me, but having this in my back pocket lets me feel a little more prepared to face whatever comes along.

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