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What’s in the Box? April Edition

It’s that time again! Delivery Day!!!

Every month I get a completely customizable wellness box from Young Living. I try to get everything that I need into that one order so that I save on the shipping costs of multiple orders. There are other perks, too, of course. First, I earn 25% of every thing I spend in points that I can use toward future purchases. Those points basically match out dollar for dollar. There are some exclusions and limitations, but it’s still a pretty rockin’ deal. That percentage is on a sliding scale too. I didn’t start out at 25% but I’ve been doing this long enough to get there. Trust me, once you discover how easy it is to order everything you need and have it delivered to your door once a month, you’ll stick to it too. Second, I get monthly freebies. Which ones you get depend on what your order qualifies for. Each month I send out a newsletter to my team letting them what the monthly promo is and how to make the most out of each Essential Rewards order to qualify for the freebies they’re most interested in. What’s Essential Rewards? That’s the wellness box! If you’re interested in joining my team, check out Witchy Gypsy Oils page. If you’re already on my team but haven’t signed up for Essential Rewards yet…what are you waiting for?! Shoot me a message and I’ll help you get started.

First, the basics and the obligatory disclaimer.

I am not a doctor. None of the statements included in this post have been approved by the FDA or any other cool acronym known agency. It is Young Living’s official stance that they and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific disease or illness. Young Living Independent Distributor #14632733

Unless otherwise noted, the information provided comes from the appropriate product pages at Witchy Gypsy Oils. Please visit these pages by clicking on the pictures for more details and ordering information.

So… What’s in my box this month? Let’s find out.

Ningxia Red 30pk

Ninja Juice! These come in either wine style bottles or little juice packs. This month we went with the 30 pack of juice packs. We don’t take these every day, even though the kids beg to, because it gets a little pricey when you start multiplying by the five of us. Instead, we’ve been doling them out whenever someone starts feeling under the weather. We had a nasty cough go through the kids a few weeks ago and having these little juice packs made getting the nutrients into them a little easier since they aren’t really hungry when they’re not feeling well.

Balance Complete

I actually ordered two of this one. Y’all, hear me out. This shake, mixed with almond milk, is amazing. It tastes like cake, and let me tell you, coming from me, that is no little statement. I’m a connoisseur of cake. Cake is my thing. Shakes, especially nutritional shakes, are not. But this shake? This shake is amazing. I drink one of these every day on my way into work at lunchtime and then I’m good until six…six thirty when I can sit down and eat whatever veggies my kids packed me for dinner.

Kidscents MightyPro

Tummy Candy. That’s what we call these magical little pixie stix of goodness. I was a little unconvinced that this one would deliver on both flavor but I was wrong. They’re absolutely yummy. And while the product description talks about the ability to mix into drinks, we’ve never had to. The kids and I seriously just kick these back pixie stix style and smile the whole way.

Can you tell I’m a fan? Now let me explain why. This is the first probiotic that hasn’t quarreled with my own delicate digestive system. It’s also the first probiotic that I’ve given the children where we have all noticed definite results, both when taking it and even more importantly maybe, changes when we have skipped it. Because I feel so incredibly strongly about this one, we never let our supply run out. I’ve copied a portion of my product link for it here but please, visit the full product page and learn more.

Formulated With

MightyPro is formulated with Ningxia wolfberry fiber, a naturally occurring prebiotic. The wolfberry fiber passes through the gut and promotes healthy bacteria in the colon, helping make the most of the probiotic complex.

Product Experience

MightyPro’s Wolfberry Punch flavor provides a sweet and tasty experience, whether added to food or drink or directly dissolved in the mouth. Packaged in convenient, single-serve packets to ensure the freshness and efficacy, MightyPro requires no refrigeration, unlike some other probiotic supplements.

Benefits and Features

The appearance of healthy gut microflora has widespread and long-lasting consequences on your child’s well-being. MightyPro features the goodness of Young Living’s own Ningxia wolfberries and is formulated to support beneficial bacteria in the gut. MightyPro single-serve packets are a convenient choice for the whole family, with a formula that promotes not only digestive health but also general health in both children and adults.

Kidscents MightyVites

It’s all about the nutrients with kids, right? Even when we make them nutritious meals, they pick around the pieces and eat what they want. I actually can’t complain. My kids are great eaters. I’m fairly certain my littlest one could be classified as a fruitivore. Unfortunately that still doesn’t always provide balanced nutrition so a multivitamin is super important. There are lots of vitamins on the market but one of the things that led me to choose this one is that it is “specifically designed for children using nutrient-dense, food-based superfruits, plants, and vegetables to deliver a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients”.

This is another one that I wish we could take as directed. Can you imagine what this, Tummy Candy, and Ninja Juice could do together? Amazing things, I’m sure. Unfortunately when you start multiplying things by four kids…it adds up fast. That means everyone gets one a day and we focus on having nutritious food in the house available for the grazers. You do what you can, right?

Inner Defense

Okay, let’s have an honesty moment here. How many of you would love to embrace this all natural lifestyle thing but are hesitant to give up the convenience of grabbing a blister pack of pills and tossing them in your purse when you’re under the weather? No judgement. I used to carry Dayquil around with me, too. Elderberry syrup and other homemade recipes are great. They’re just not super portable. Inner Defense solves that problem.

It isn’t just convenient, it’s amazingly effective. Like big orange pill effective. My son and I both swear by this stuff and my oldest daughter is determined to learn to swallow pills so she can benefit from it too. A word of warning though. These pills are big. Fortunately they taste good so if you don’t get it down on the first try you’re not gagging on grossness.

Lavender Foaming Hand Soap 3pk

This one is pretty self explanatory. It’s soap. It’s natural. It’s plant based. It smells good. Normally I order the Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, but pretty much everything Thieves is going in and out of stock like an alarmed prairie dog town right now so I decided to try something new. Besides…it’s spring and that’s a great time for something a bit more flowery.

AromaBright Toothpaste

Fluoride free. Plant based. Thieves empowered. What more could you ask for from toothpaste? Two of the kids prefer this citrus spicier toothpaste and two prefer the mintier Dentarome Plus. Either way, they enjoy brushing their teeth, spend ample time doing it, and get good reports from both dentist and tooth fairy.

It’s the same price that I was spending on my prescription toothpaste that actually seemed to aggravate my Sjogren’s and this one seems to get along with my Sjogren’s. Go figure. I’m just excited to have something that cleans my teeth and doesn’t make me gag. I’m assuming that the infusion of Thieves is helping with the numerous mouth infections that I’m no longer getting but have no scientific data to back that claim up. Infections are one of the joys of Sjogren’s and low saliva production that I haven’t had to entertain since I started using Thieves toothpaste and mouthwash.

Essential Oils

I actually only bought two of the essential oils this month.

I ordered an extra bottle of Thieves to send to my husband. He puts in his beard and uses it as an aromatic shield to keep from breathing in any germs. A much more fashionable plague mask if you will. All I know is the man never gets sick. Never. Unless he’s dying but even then he’s only down for a day or two.

I also ordered another bottle of Peace & Calming. This one makes regular appearances in my orders because we diffuse it every single night. I’m not even joking. Every night. I originally bought it to help my littlest girls settle down for the night but it very quickly made it to my nightstand. They prefer straight lavender or Sleepyize.

The Freebies

I haven’t linked any of the freebies because they aren’t always available for purchase in the promotional sizes and sometimes, the promotional items aren’t available for sale. You can find information for all available oils and items on the Witchy Gypsy Oils website. I’m actually more excited than I should be about the spray bottle. It has dilution ratios printed right onto it so now my teenagers have no excuse for not cleaning that stove top, and the dryer balls? This will be my second set. I love being able to skip the dryer sheets and customize the smell of each load. Of course, I’m excited about the oils too. Spring Cleaning, here I come!

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