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Mother’s Day is Coming


Mother’s Day.

Make her something nice they say.

With much of the country still locked down and every one else still at least social distancing, a major holiday like Mother’s Day can be a bit problematic.

No romantic dinner at the swankiest restaurant in town. No night of dancing. The kids won’t be bringing home gifts they made at school. Are they even delivering flowers?

Don’t panic.

You can handle this.

I have suggestions.

If your wife runs in natural circles, she might even have everything you need to make the perfect gift already at the house.

Are you ready for the recipes?

But wait! She doesn’t have any of the ingredients?

Don’t blow it now with cheap general store essential oils. Order her a Premium Starter Kit instead. Each kit comes packed with 12 oils, a diffuser, and other goodies to try. The best part is that you are also gifting her with a lifetime of 24% off the retail prices of any future purchases.

Thoughtful and frugal. That’s a sexy combination. Want double Mother’s Day points? Give the gift of oils to both your wife and your mother. Now you’re a caring son as well.

Sorry, Guys. I couldn’t help but poke a little fun.

This entire post reads like a late night infomercial in my head.

But wait! There’s more!

And actually, there is.

A bit of seriousness anyway.

You wouldn’t try to pawn off a dime store diamond to a woman you love, and you really shouldn’t start off with low quality essential oils either. Like any product going on or in your body, you want quality. Visit Witchy Gypsy Oils to find out why you should entrust your loved ones to our care.

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