Oh The Joys Of Moving Close To The Holidays

Oh The Joys Of Moving Close To The Holidays post thumbnail image

We’re prior military.  We’ve moved pretty much every two years whether it’s across town or cross country.  You would think there would be no surprises left.

And you would be wrong. 

Forget broken schedules and broken dishes.  Relocation has a host of other issues that constantly change their places in priority so that you’re left hopping from one urgency or emergency to the next for at least a month. 

The first week was a late housing goods delivery and a flooded basement.

The second week was figuring out the local amenities like grocery stores.  One stop shopping does exist but not when you’re looking for fresh produce and allergy friendly wares in Western rural America. 

The third week was Thanksgiving. 

Ta da!  Completely forgot about that one until the last minute.  Thank goodness we found the grocery stores the week before, right?

Of course Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of winter celebrations and decorating which is helping me cope with week four.

Fish smell from the furry kid. 

Thank all the gods for self service dog washers and groomers willing to express anal glands on a Sunday.

And having your own washing machine.  Of all the things I don’t miss doing without from full-time travel, an in house washing machine and a bath tub top the list.

So I’ll leave you with this much better smelling home made winter bowl and the promise of instructions to come. 

After I wash the dog.

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