Magickal and Medicinal Herbs: Catnip 101

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(Nepeta cataria)

Catnip is a sun-loving member of the mint family. If you choose to grow it, either leave lots of space for the neighborhood cats to roll around on it or place dowels every few inches around it to make it a bit too uncomfortable for the cats. It is beautiful grown in front of echinacea, and it is ready to harvest any time after reaching a height of 6-8 inches. Today we think of catnip simply as a way to entertain cats, but traditionally, catnip was turned to for a variety of maladies. Chock full of medicinal properties, it is fantastic in teas, balms, and poultices. I don’t have a cat, but I do have a house full of little witches that actually request catnip when they are feeling overwhelmed by big emotions.

Other names: catmint, field balm, catswort

Composition: Catnip includes the dried leaves and flowers of the plant.

Methods of Administration: tea, tincture, poultice, balm, essential oil

Medicinal Properties

  • antibacterial
  • anticatarrhal
  • antioxidant
  • antispasmodic
  • antitussive
  • antiviral
  • astringent
  • carminative
  • contains caffeic acid
  • contains coumaric acid
  • contains nepetalactone
  • contains pinene
  • contains rosmarinic acid
  • contains thymol
  • diaphoretic
  • diuretic
  • hypnotic
  • nervine (mild for children)
  • refrigerant
  • sedative
  • slightly emmenagogue
  • slightly stimulant
  • tonic

Holistic Uses

  • ADHD
  • anxiety
  • arthritis (poultice)
  • asthma
  • black eyes (compress)
  • colic
  • common cold
  • cough
  • flu
  • headache, including migraine
  • helps expel the placenta after birth
  • helps induce a menstrual cycle
  • hives
  • insomnia
  • intestinal parasites
  • low fever
  • mosquito repellant
  • nausea
  • nervousness
  • restlessness
  • sprains (poultice)
  • stomach ulcers
  • stress
  • upper respiratory infection


Not to be used in medicinal amounts during pregnancy as it can bring about uterine contractions. Smoking catnip can produce euphoria and visual hallucinations.


20-60 drops extract per day, alternately take ¼ to ½ dropper 3-5 times daily (higher and more frequent doses are for respiratory infections) OR 2-3 cups tea (2t per cup water) daily

Magickal Associations and Correspondences

Deities– Bast, Venus
Zodiac– Taurus, Libra
Planet– Venus
Element– Water
Gender– Feminine
Crystals – Jasper, angelite, dalmatia stone and rose quartz

Magickal Properties of Catnip

  • aphrodisiac
  • attracts friendly spirits
  • beauty
  • dreams
  • feline magick
  • friendship
  • happiness
  • love
  • luck
  • protection
  • psychic work
  • tranquility

Simple Spells

  • Use in love sachets with rose petals.
  • To ensure long lasting friendship, hold catnip in your hand until it is warm. Then hold hands with someone else. As long you keep the warmed catnip safe, you’ll be friends forever.
  • Add to any spells used for the love of friends, family, and animals.
  • Hang catnip in your home or grow it in your garden to bring you luck.
  • Catnip is also used in spells designed to enhance beauty and happiness.
  • Add catnip to your garden to invite helpful spirits.
  • Chew catnip leaves to increase your courage and protect yourself.
  • If your cat wanders a little too far, too often, soak some catnip leaves in a bowl of milk under the full moon. Leave this milk out for your cat when it comes home and it should curtail your cat’s wanderlust.
  • Create a friendship charm by adding catnip, rose petals, cinnamon, and rose quartz to a pink sachet.
  • Use catnip to invoke predictive dreams.
  • Catnip is a wonderful altar herb for celebrating Bast.
  • Drink an infusion of catnip or add dried catnip to a charm when faced with a difficult ordeal to make obstacles easier to overcome.
  • Add catnip to love spells to give them extra energy and speed up the results.
  • Sprinkle catnip under the bed for a lusty night.
  • Press large catnip leaves to use as bookmarks in magickal texts.
  • To create a psychic bond with your feline friend, give it some catnip while you drink a cup of catnip tea.

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Disclaimer: Please note that I am a not medical professional and everything written here is a product of my own research. Don’t take any advice given here over that of a trained doctor. If you ingest any herbs, always make sure that you’re 100% sure that they’re safe. If you’re pregnant or giving to a child, always consult a doctor before ingesting herbs and plant you aren’t familiar with. Magickal instruction and spells are for personal entertainment purposes only. The desired result/outcome cannot be guaranteed as a result of using any magickal item, and should not be used as a replacement for medical/professional assistance.

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