Beginning of the Month Blessings

Anyone else grinding cinnamon sticks to dust at 10pm for their beginning of the month spells? Just me?

On the first of this month,
With this cinnamon I’m about to blow,
I welcome in all the good things,
And tell the bad things to go.
As I will, so mote it be!

😄 Apparently bugs are good things because a GIANT mosquito hawk followed the cinnamon through the door.

I know I’ve been absent in my posting for a while now. My personal life took some turns that I’m not quite ready to share, but I am ready to start emerging from my cocoon. A beginning of the month blessing seemed the perfect way to start again.

Do you know about beginning of the month blessings? It’s an easy spell that makes for a great first spell if you have never attempted one on your own before.

Simply blow some cinnamon through your front door on the first day of the month to invite prosperity, abundance, and luck into your home.

You dont have to grind it yourself, store bought works just fine. I even know one witch that just chunks a cinnamon stick through the door every month. The words aren’t mandatory either and, as you can see from my spell, don’t have to be eloquent. Just say something from your heart.

It’s also super easy to adapt the spell to your own situation. Mybdaughter did her own version of this tonight by blowing cinnamon into a cabinet that she is refinishing for her room. It will be her own witchy cabinet in a house that finally feels like home.

So don’t worry about the timing. Don’t stress about what your neighbors might think. Mine totally caught me being wird tonight. Just decide to do the thing and invite some magic into your life. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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