Are you ready to grow with us?

I hope so! And while you’re waiting for the website, head over to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to follow along.

There is A LOT going on. We are busy gathering all of our scattered projects and thoughts into one cohesive website. Great things are coming! Roadschooling, homeschooling, and wildschooling. Travel information. Gear recommendations. Essential oils. CBD oil. Budgeting tips. Integrated picture and video. Plus the ability to order herbal concoctions straight from the website. I can’t wait to rejoin you once it’s all complete.

You can learn all about essential oils and why we can’t imagine living without them at Witchy Gypsy Oils. There you can find blog posts, email sign up, and even member sign up to join the Witchy Gypsy Team.

You can also click HERE for my elderberry syrup recipe. Next to our oils, this is the one thing we always have on hand to keep our family healthy. I hope you will follow along with us on our journey towards health, knowledge, community, and financial freedom.



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