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Dried Orange Slices, Distractions, and Disasters

We decorate with orange slices to remind us during the dark winter season that the sun will return. And if a little magick gets mixed in with it, so much the better.

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The Perfect Bike Solution

One of our biggest evolutions (and headaches!) in our travel journey has been bike storage. We have five bikes that travel with us full time. When we first got started we had an SUV and four bikes. There was absolutely no bike storage in the SUV. We also couldn't put a bike rack on the… Continue reading The Perfect Bike Solution

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Just A Southern Girl In A Winter World

I'm a Southern Girl at heart; sweet tea and iced water run through my veins. Unfortunately Belle (my camper) is a bit southern too and defaults to frozen water with the tiniest little temperature drop. Since we're wintering in Washington this year, that's a problem.

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Frozen Filter?

Freezing weather creates special problems for RV water systems. Some campers have enclosed bay areas for water hookups. Some of those bay areas are even heated. I have neither heat nor enclosed bay. All of my water hookups hang right off the side of my camper. Exposed to all the elements. It's a winter wonderland nightmare.

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Heated Hose DIY

Ice water is great in restaurants. Super refreshing on a hot summer day. Not nearly as much fun frozen in your drinking water hose when the only thing you want in the world is a hot cup of coffee. Let's work together to make sure that doesn't happen. We're going to build a heated fresh water hose.