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A Kitchen Experiment Gone Ridiculously Right (No Tomato Meatloaf)

Okay, so I did a thing today. I've been craving meatloaf but every recipe I've ever used has had ketchup in it. Ketchup in the actual loaf and then a honey/ketchup sauce on top. Since tomatoes now cause allergic reactions, this was a problem.

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Meal Kits For The Win

We decided to make Meal Kits. And Y'all. This might be the most brilliant parenting hack I've discovered so far.

Delicious Dishes

Messy Potatoes

Are you ready for a quick recipe? This one is in no way healthy. I don't even think serving it on top of a salad would save it. But sometimes you need comfort. I've seen variations of this called funeral potatoes and cheesy potatoes. We just call them Messy Potatoes because in the early years of childbirth brain damage the only way I could think to make these was by combining them by hand.

Delicious Dishes

Seafood Ramen Is Chicken Soup For Your Soul

You want to talk about simple ingredients with big flavor? A super fast, healthy dinner? A cheap alternative to eating out? Seafood Ramen, y'all.

Delicious Dishes

Masala Vegetables

Our vegetable journey has been a long one. Decades of steamed, mushy, pale vari-colored grossness. Then a fellow camper gave us a revelation. Vegetables could be good! Flavorful, bright, and easy. All you need are an abundance of veggies, a cast iron skillet, some fat, some spices, and a little imagination.