Meet the Family

Hi! We’re the Littletons! One crazy mom, four kids, a husband working hard on the railroad, and a crazy puppy that is growing almost as fast as the kids. Two years ago we decided to take drastic measures to bring our family a better life. We sold our house and packed up everything that wouldn’t fit in the camper. My husband went to South Dakota to work the rail lines and bring financial security back to our family after retiring from the Air Force. The kids, the dog, and I hit the road in the camper to get some real life educational experience under our belts. As you can imagine, this life isn’t without it’s out unique set of surprises and challenges. You can read and watch as all of our adventures unfold. We have do it yourself projects, travel tips, budget tips, schooling tips, and recipes as well as tons of pictures from all of our adventures.

This is my husband, Jeremy. He spends most of the year working on the railroad. A few times a year, we drive out to him or fly him out to us. Thankfully a career full of deployments prepared us for this lifestyle. This combat veteran isn’t just handsome and hard working though, he also loves his motorcycles, his kids, and me.

Then there’s my son, Bishop. I don’t know when exactly it happened, but he’s almost all grown up. Not just in size but in everything. He’s responsible and caring. Always ready to lend a hand to anyone in need. He can also hook the camper up almost by himself and is learning to drive the dually. Good skills since his passions lean toward landscape and wildlife photography. I’m going to miss this one in a few years…he’s the only one that reach the top shelf.

My oldest daughter is Abby. I blinked and she grew up too. We call her Little Momma because she can run the household and her sisters with equal efficiency. She’s always up for a hike, a kayak, a day painting in the lake, or a snuggle. Whatever the day brings as long as it includes fresh air, family, and a chance to hone her craft. This one is an artist.

Emily is my middle girl. My self starter. My spooky kid. She loves stories where the princess doesn’t need saving and the monster is almost always a friend.

The youngest, Olivia, is my honey badger. Equal parts snuggle and snarl. I don’t know what the world has in store for her yet but whatever it is…it had better be ready. This one won’t go softly or quietly into anything.

The dog would argue that she, in fact, is the baby. My Shade. She loves convincing her humans to climb back in bed for just five more minutes. A gypsy dog at heart, she loves truck rides and curling up with the girls in the back seat. She collects stuffed animals, could give two rips about bones, and enjoys being anywhere outside with her people.

And then there’s me. The Momma behind this blog and Witchy Gypsy Oils. I’ve never fit into very many boxes. I think life should be simple, families should travel often, children should be wild, education should be a life-long endeavor, and healthcare should be natural.

That’s why I started this blog. To show other families that it is okay not to fit in the boxes. It is okay to pursue a life and dreams very different from typical. Embrace your weird. We have.