Meet the Witch

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Witch

Hi! I’m Laurie, the resident kitchen witch here at Witchy Gypsy Momma. I’m a single mom of four fierce young women that I fondly refer to as my little witchlings. I’ve always known that I was a witch. Some of my earliest memories are of brewing potions in my mother’s garden.  As I grew older, I started studying the way herbs affect our bodies, and as I grew older still, I really delved into the magical side of my herbal craft. 

Now I invite you to join me, and the little witchlings of course, as we continue to hone our craft. There will be plenty of laughter and snacks along the way in the blog, as well as in-depth herbal reviews. Feel free to like, comment, and share because community is where we really start to grow.

Don’t forget to pop into the shop while you’re here. I opened my first shop in 2016, selling homemade elderberry syrup and salves. Those originals are still here, but you’ll also find high quality herbs, tools, and spell components, study guides (coming soon), and even personalized tarot readings (coming soon). We even have custom luxury gift boxes (I like to call them bougie boxes) for special occasions and specialized home decor to make your own home just a smidge more witchy hygge.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!