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Bronze Witch Bells


Bronze Witch Bells, Witchcraft Cottagecore Protection Charm, Magical Pagan Decor, Green Witch, Boho Witch, Forest Witch Housewarming Gift

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Be-spelled witch bells offer protection to your home or office. Makes a great housewarming gift for any maiden, mother, or crone. Invite the beautiful sound of bronze bells to each opening and closing of the door. Botanical leafy twine adds elegance to bohemian decor. Perfect for green witch and forest witch decor. Crafted with three bells, a key, a feather, a triple moon pentacle, and a spell jar. Spell jar will be filled by intuition at time of purchase to include a variety of herbs with properties of good health, abundance, and protection. Complete the charm with your own intention and a simple chant.

Guard our home, bell on the door.
Let evil spirits come no more.
Evil spells shall not be cast,
And good fortune shall ever last.

Approximately 14″ long. 3 inch ring fits most door handles. Each piece will have a variety of unique charms within the given parameters of key and feather. Each set of witch bells is hand made and therefore will have some variance from the pictures shown.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 2 in


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