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Manifesting Miracles

Seek joy over fear and watch the miracles manifest.

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Five Stars: Would Definitely Break Down Again

Life is good. Even when it isn't. You never know the difference a single day can make.

Adventure, Life, Travel

When It Rains

When it rains - problems, not men. Today continued to be a day. We could have chosen defeat. Instead we chose joy.


A Day In The Life Of An Optimistic Dystopian

Life has gotten weird lately, right? Every day there is so much news, so many reports, so much conflicting information. It's intense and overwhelming


Building a Better Budget Part 2

Today, we're customizing categories. You might be wondering why this step is so important that it gets its own post. Good question. I think that personalizing your budget is does three things. It makes it come alive and work on a personal level in your life. It makes it super easy to assign jobs to your money, and if anything ever goes wrong in your financial game plan, it very quickly tells you what is important and what isn't.