Bishop’s Journey

Why are we talking about my son's cardiovascular health? Because at the age of sixteen he was diagnosed with stage two hypertension and flagged as a heart attack risk. We went through all of the testing, and the doctors couldn't explain why his cardiovascular health was so poor.

Herbal and Essential Oils Education

Digging Deeper: Introduction

This blog series is all about digging deeper into the claims and mystique around essential oils. Are they really just pretty perfumes in a bottle? Do they really contain miraculous, medical properties? Are they for external or internal use?

Herbal and Essential Oils Education

Digging Deeper: Thieves Essential Oil

Are you ready to dig deeper in Thieves essential oil? There is a lot of information about this amazing blend. It is also the most widely used oil in my family. We use it on a daily basis for all the things.

Witchy Gypsy Oils

Is it just my kids that eat toothpaste?

We all want a more natural environment for our families. A home free from chemicals, toxins, poisons, and contaminants. Implementing that ideal can sometimes seem daunting - especially when it comes to personal care and dental hygiene. There is so much conflicting information!