Magical Chicken

Just a bit of chicken kitchen witchery.

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Dream Tea

The spell is a simple tea, mostly chamomile, inspired by the book to help her sleep.

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Fairy Magic: All Purpose Skin Remedy

A healing skin salve. It seems simple doesn't it? Oil and flowers. The power of sunlight to mix it all together. It can't be that simple. Can it. Yep. It can. It is. We call it Fairy Magic.

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Calming Honey Syrup

I don't know about your household, but mine can use all the calm it can get right now. Thankfully, for a kitchen witch, calm and healing are only a bubbling cauldron away.


A Kitchen Experiment Gone Ridiculously Right (No Tomato Meatloaf)

Okay, so I did a thing today. I've been craving meatloaf but every recipe I've ever used has had ketchup in it. Ketchup in the actual loaf and then a honey/ketchup sauce on top. Since tomatoes now cause allergic reactions, this was a problem.

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Livy’s Witchy Cough Syrup

Remember when I was so excited to find a back alley herbal shop a few weeks ago? Olivia started coughing again today so it's time to put those magical treasures to work.


Messy Potatoes

Are you ready for a quick recipe? This one is in no way healthy. I don't even think serving it on top of a salad would save it. But sometimes you need comfort. I've seen variations of this called funeral potatoes and cheesy potatoes. We just call them Messy Potatoes because in the early years of childbirth brain damage the only way I could think to make these was by combining them by hand.


Seafood Ramen Is Chicken Soup For Your Soul

You want to talk about simple ingredients with big flavor? A super fast, healthy dinner? A cheap alternative to eating out? Seafood Ramen, y'all.