Digging Deeper Into Herbs and Oils

Digging Deeper: Thieves Essential Oil

Are you ready to dig deeper in Thieves essential oil? There is a lot of information about this amazing blend. It is also the most widely used oil in my family. We use it on a daily basis for all the things.

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What’s in the box? September Edition

Today was an exciting day! It was Amazon and Young Living delivery day so I had plenty of boxes to open. I'm going to ignore the Amazon boxes because replacement sewer gloves and a dehumidifier just aren't nearly as much fun as the other box.


Seafood Ramen Is Chicken Soup For Your Soul

You want to talk about simple ingredients with big flavor? A super fast, healthy dinner? A cheap alternative to eating out? Seafood Ramen, y'all.

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Staying Healthy on the Road

I love living on the road. I love the slower pace. I love the freedom. It's all about living simply and minimally. Well...my version of minimally anyway. It's also about being prepared to figure out problems on your own because you're not always near a big, well equipped town. I apply this same attitude to staying healthy on the road. Simple, minimal, prepared.