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Witchy Gypsy Oils – Introduction Class

In this class we’re going to talk a little bit about why our family uses essential oils and specifically why we use Young Living Oils.

Any links included on this page (or anywhere else on the website) to Young Living products will take you directly to my oils website Witchy Gypsy Oils. I encourage you to visit the oils website for more information and education as only a fraction of what I have to offer is here at Witchy Gypsy Momma.

Going Natural

First, let’s talk about why my family went natural. We weren’t always this way. In our younger years we drank and smoke and stayed up until dawn partying. Having kids slowed down the festivities, but we definitely weren’t more rested or eating any better. We were a typical family. We didn’t consider ourselves unhealthy…we just had a few bad habits. Except then my Sjogren’s kicked into overdrive and told me in no uncertain terms that it would no longer be ignored. My husband had a variety of complaints associated with years of combat deployments that the doctors seemed less than enthusiastic about addressing, and then, shortly after birth, our second daughter developed severe eczema. Later we would add migraines, anxiety, and high blood pressure to our kids’ list of ailments. We went the normal route of doctors and prescriptions but nothing seemed to help. Something had to give. Something had to change. That something was our mindset.

Here’s where I enter my disclaimer. I am not a physician. I can not diagnose or cure disease. I’m just a mom on a mission with hours of bleary eyed research under my belt here to offer my story and help you along your own journey. I have a husband, four kids, and a dog that all get treated naturally for any complaints that they have. We have doctors to diagnose us and I encourage you to work closely with your own doctors.

It really started with my daughter’s eczema. She was miserable! We tried every cream and lotion (even steroids!) that the doctor suggested but it always came back with a vengeance. I started researching natural remedies online. First we tried the organic solutions in the snooty grocery store one town over. The products were small, expensive, and a long drive to obtain. The results were 50/50. I kept researching and started buying my own ingredients online. I turned our kitchen into a veritable science lab as I concocted lotions and potions and all manner of gooey remedies. Amazingly we started to see improvement. I delved deeper into research. I stumbled across essential oils.

The first oils we used were gifted to us from a lady at our church. They were magical. The next oils we used were bought at the snooty grocery store and significantly less magical. I dismissed the first batch as a fluke and went back to herbs. I actually ended up starting and running my own herbal shop through a co-op in Texas for a few years. It was here that I ran into essential oils again, and this time I gave them the attention they deserved. The family was still dealing with medical issues that my herbal remedies only seemed to hold at bay.

Essential Oils

Let me just say that there are A LOT of essential oil companies out there. I looked at all of them. In depth. You can pick up fairly inexpensive oils almost anywhere, but unfortunately not all companies and not all oils are equal. This is definitely one of those situations where you get what you pay for. And since we’re looking at oils as more than something that just smells pretty, we want a company that provides a transparent supply line and a history of integrity. Meet Young Living.

And here is where the cries of, “Oh no! Young Living is network marketing! That’s just a pyramid scheme!” come in. Yes, Young Living is a MLM company. They rely on members to do their marketing for them and pay us commissions on sales. But they definitely are not a pyramid. Lower levels can, and often do, surpass their enroller. The other off-put of MLM companies is the requirement of a monthly purchase. That doesn’t exist with Young Living. You can join or not join and still purchase their products. I’ll talk about membership options (or even purchasing without a membership) later. First let’s look at why I chose Young Living out of all the essential oils companies out there to provide quality products for my family.

Seed to Seal is what Young Living calls its commitment to quality. It is based on three pillars:


Not all essential oils are created equal. Young Living will never knowingly compromise by adding synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers, or by using unethical production practices. Young Living Chief Supply Officer Lauren Walker guides the process of sourcing products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers and testing them extensively. If our exhaustive tests show that a product doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t buy it, or we reject the batch.


Part of Young Living’s stewardship is to do business responsibly—from sustainably sourcing plants to uplifting local communities, and to comply with environmental and other laws. Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Matthew French, oversees the Global Compliance Program, helping to ensure that Young Living offers a pure product that you can feel confident is contributing to the greater good.


Science is the cornerstone of what we do at Young Living. Our trained scientific staff employs cutting-edge methods to develop new products, as well as to help ensure the quality of all of our products. Both our R&D and Quality teams, led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Buch, work in state-of-the-art labs with some of the most advanced scientific equipment available.

Excerpted from https://oily.life/witchygypsyoils/why-young-living/.

It all sounds good, right? But how do you know…I mean really know? How about a visit to the company itself? Young Living actually invites its members to visit its farms. When the kids and I head south one of our fist stops is going to be the farm in Utah. This level of transparency is one of the key reasons I chose Young Living.

Whispering Springs Farm—Mona, Utah

Arabian Frankincense Distillery—Muscat, Oman

Finca Botanica Farm—Guayaquil, Ecuador

Transperancy is important. Quality is important. Integrity is important as well.

I’m going to use Lemon to explain this part. We all know lemons are consumable. We use their zest. We use their juice. We eat their fruit. Lemon is harmless, right? Yes, and no.

First, essential oils are super concentrated. Not everything is good for you in super high doses. That’s why you can replace the juice of one lemon with just 10 drops of lemon essential oil.

Here’s where the second part comes in. Turn over a bottle of Lemon Essential Oil. The label probably says For External Use or Aromatic Use Only.

Wait. What?! Lemon for external use only?! Yep. The FDA regulates labeling and dictates that a product can not be labeled for both internal and external use simultaneously. The vast majority of oils are labeled for cosmetic or aromatic use. Young Living is the only company I found that has a line of oils labeled specifically for dietary use.

Lemon Vitality

Vitality Oils. This was the deciding factor for me. It’s a little silly because the Lemon Vitality Oil is exactly the same as the Lemon Essential Oil. But its existence speaks volumes about the integrity of Young Living. Separate labeling and FDA approval are not inexpensive or easy to attain and yet Young Living went through the expense and the effort anyway to provide the best, most accurately labeled product for their customers. This labeling provides instruction for safe ingestion and with a glance we know which oils are suitable for consumption and which are not.

So Much More Than Essential Oils

So we all know I’m a Budget Minded Momma and being economical isn’t all about money — it’s also about time. If I can shop at one store instead of running all over town, that’s my jam. Unless we’re talking local farmer’s markets…then I’m weak. If I can have it shipped to my door, even better. It’s why we all love Amazon, right? And while I could use any of the million recipes on Pinterest to make my own essential oil infused products, why make them when I can have them shipped to me directly. Does anyone really have time to make everything from scratch? Don’t answer that. I already know the answer. I used to be that mom, remember?

Young Living not only ships to my door (now with an Amazon-ish shipping program called YL Go), it’s also my one stop shop for plant based all natural products.

  • Essential Oil Infused Supplements
  • Household Cleaners
  • Personal Care Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Kid Care
  • Baby Care
  • Pet Care
  • CBD Oil
  • Weight Management
  • and even Nutritional Snacks and Ingredients

Budget Friendly

Okay, okay…this one seems a little counterintuitive if all you’re doing is looking at retail prices and jar sizes. Those little jars are expensive! Remember that quality we were talking about earlier and getting what you paid for? These oils are so concentrated that a little goes a long way! That’s true of all of their products. The Theives Cleaner that we use lasted us an entire year in the camper! That’s because you only need a cap-full or so added to a spray bottle of distilled water to make a phenomenal cleaner.

Even product efficiency doesn’t change that fact that nobody wants to pay full price for something. I know I don’t. And here is where distributors get a reputation for being a wee bit…well… RABID.

It’s true.

We are.

But only because we don’t want you to pay full price either.

For most of us it isn’t about building an empire. Commissions are great but seriously, we just want your family to be healthy…without all of the years of research and money that we wasted getting here. That’s why we rave about memberships. Did you know that most Young Living members DON’T pursue the business aspect of their membership? They’re in it for the products, the perks, and the discounts. Nothing more. And if that’s you…AWESOME. If you want to make a little hustle…that’s cool too. I’m happy to help. But mostly…it’s always been about the families. So how do you make the most of your family’s budget?

Become a Member.

Membership has several perks, but before we get into those, let’s talk about what membership ISN’T. Membership isn’t an obligation. You don’t have to host parties. You don’t have to conversationally assault all of your friends. Although you might have an uncontrollable urge to talk about Young Living. You don’t have to start a business, and you definitely don’t have to order products every month. You don’t even have to convert your entire lifestyle.

Membership IS starting with a great base for your natural lifestyle.

Membership IS paying 24% less than retail for the products you love.

Membership IS being part of a great community. Although you can certainly hermit if you want to.

Membership IS being eligible to participate in monthly promos.

Membership IS being eligible to for Essential Rewards. (This is our fully customizable wellness subscription box.)

And membership through Witchy Gypsy Oils puts you in my tribe where you have access to recipes, education, classes, and of course, me. I don’t always have all the answers, but I do my best to help you find them or get you in touch with people who do. Plus I’ve been told that I’m sorta fun to share a cup of coffee with. So there’s that. Seriously though, wellness journeys should be fun and exciting, and we all know that there is no shopping trip more fun than one with a friend. So join the team and add a little magic to your natural lifestyle.

For help deciding how to get started check out our next class… Starter Kit Options.