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Witchy Gypsy Oils

Are you drawn to a simple yet magical life? One full of ancient wisdom and plant based solutions? Are you looking for a tribe to call home?

Welcome to Witchy Gypsy Oils. We combine our love of travel, family, and friends with a little bit of magic and natural living to create a tribe of like minded women and families across the country.

Signing up with Young Living under my tribe is how you join the adventure.

It’s actually really easy so let me explain the simplest way to get started.

A single $165.00 investment gets you 12 premium oils, a diffuser (the kids call ours a dragon egg), and even a few samples to try. No strings attached. And that’s it! You’ve joined the tribe!

Now you can buy your own oils 24% cheaper. And if your heart leads you to it, you can also choose to grow with us and start building a business.

Click HERE and follow these instructions to join our team and receive you member package.

Step by step. 

1. Choose “Member”  – Click the button that says “Join”  and choose Member. This is how you get the starter kit and your 24% discount on any additional oil purchases.  (Don’t click “retail” – this is important. No starter kits here, you pay more and you don’t enroll in the team.)

2. Sponsor + Enroller – In order to join The Witchy Gypsy Oil Tribe the number for your sponsor and your enroller should be 14632733. Double check that both numbers are filled in correctly before continuing. When asked if you want to get a personal or business account, always choose personal!

3. Choose Premium Starter Kit.  This includes twelve premium oils, plus your choice of a diffuser, 2 packets of Ningxia, a Thieves Cleaner sample and information to get you started! 

There are several starter kits to choose from. If you want to choose a non-traditional starter kit, check out the Starter Kit Options Class.

You can also read all about how I got started with oils in the Witchy Gypsy Oils – Introduction Class.

4. Essential Rewards!  This is not required but it’s a great way to stay on track with your wellness goals AND it’s an affordable way to start building your business if you’ve decided to go for it. You’ll earn money back on every order and tons of freebies!

5. The Witchy Gypsy Oil Tribe. After you have signed up with YL and put in your order, you will receive a welcome email from me with access to the Witchy Gypsy Oil Tribe.

If you still have questions before joining, just fill out the form below. You can also learn more on the Witchy Gypsy Oils webpage. I’m here to help you every step of the way!

Wishing You Magic and Travels,

Laurie Littleton

What is included with membership in the Witchy Gypsy Oil Tribe?
Wholesale Pricing
Eligible for Essential Rewards (monthly wellness box)
Eligible for Monthly Promos
Online 24/7 Membership Group
Essential Oils 101 Class Material
Monthly Feature Classes
Monthly Membership Newsletter
Ongoing Education 
Unlimited Chat and Email Support

Still have questions about joining the tribe? Send me a message.