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Hi! I’m Laurie, the witch in this kitchen. I’ve known since I was a child that there was something different, something distinctly witchy about me. I can still remember the first backyard potion that I concocted from berries, acorns, and a bit of flower for my bird and squirrel friends. I’m still stirring potions, but they’re more often for my children now. The best part about kitchen witchery is never having to choose between meals, medicine, and magick. They’re one and the same for me. I hope they will be for you too.

The most daunting part of my kitchen witch journey was not the magic but the medicine! Herbal courses are often expensive. Going it alone is like learning a new language…after being dropped off in a foreign country. And asking conventional doctors about herbs usually gets you a look like you’ve popped out a second or even third head. That’s why I decided to compile my own Materia Medica here for you – to give you the easy reference of both medicinal and magickal herbs that I wish I had when I first set out. I also have links to my herbal and essential oil stores so you can hit the ground running with your studies and your experiments.

Of course I am a kitchen witch so you’ll find plenty of regular recipes along with the home remedies in the Kitchen Witchery section. And a bit of fun as well with Tarot Readings. Bounce around and explore! There’s lots to find here.

Magickal and Medicinal Herbs

Come explore the magickal, medicinal, and culinary properties of herbs with me. We’ll learn herbal lore, traditional uses, practical applications, and even simple spells along the way. Then shop for all of your kitchen witchery needs in the apothecary.

Kitchen Witchery

Put your new found herbal knowledge to use, concocting healing and culinary delights.

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