Magickal and Medicinal Herbs: Eucalyptus 101

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Welcome to Eucalyptus 101! In this latest educational installment we’re going to explore the medicinal and magickal properties of Eucalyptus. Even though many of us will never have the opportunity to grow this wonderful medicine for ourselves, it still holds an important role in our home apothecaries and herbal collections. Keep reading to unlock all of its secrets.


(Eucalyptus globulus)

Eucalyptus is probably most famous for feeding koalas and opening nasal passages. It can be brewed as a tea but I especially love it for external cold care. I will mix it into a tea bag to throw into my tub. I will boil it on the back of the stove if we’re all stuffy while doing schoolwork. And I’ll infuse it into a balm to rub onto our feet and chests when we’re sick. It is one herb that has earned its spot in my Essential Family Care Tool Kit even if I can’t grow it in the backyard.

This tall tree is native to Australia and Tasmania, but can now be found in many parts of the world. It is reported to clear up the nasal passages, but the real documented action is not clearing passages, but improved breathing. This is a mild difference but a notable one just the same. It is also highly effective against many forms of pathogens.

Folk Names: Blue Gum Tree, Stringy Bark Tree, Australian Fever Tree

Composition: Eucalyptus contains both the dried, mature leaves from older trees in the species, as well as the essential oil extracted from the plant.

Method(s) of Administration: tea, tincture, gargle, bath, ointment, balm, poultice, steam, essential oil

My daughter loves it when I add Eucalyptus to her Cough and Congestion Poultice.

Medicinal Properties

  • antibacterial
  • anticatarrhal
  • antifungal
  • antiperiodic
  • antirheumatic
  • antiseptic
  • antiviral
  • aromatic
  • astringent
  • deodorant
  • disinfectant
  • expectorant
  • febrifuge
  • hypoglycemic
  • insect repellent
  • mild antispasmodic
  • stimulant

Holistic Uses

  • asthma
  • bladder inflammation
  • bronchitis
  • common cold
  • coughing
  • dental care
  • diabetes (under supervision)
  • diarrhea
  • headaches
  • infections
  • lice removal
  • liver and gallbladder issues
  • repelling insects
  • respiratory ailments and infections
  • skin infections
  • sore muscles and joints
  • sore throat
  • stuffy nose

Aromatic plants, like Eucalyptus, abound with volatile oils. In particular, eucalyptol (1,8-cineole), is awesome for chest congestion and burning throats. An ideal tea blend with Eucalyptus would include other aromatic herbs such as peppermint as well as demulcent herbs like marshmallow root.

Here are a few more suggested herbs for a tasty, healing cup of Eucalyptus Tea.









Slippery Elm









Elder Flower




Most of the precautions with Eucalyptus apply to the essential oil—the leaves are generally safe to use. Even if only using the leaves, Eucalyptus preparations should not be applied to the face, especially the nose, of babies and very young children. Eucalyptus essential oil is toxic in large quantities. Take breaks from daily use of the essential oil to avoid toxic buildup. Don’t use on babies or young children. While it is prescribed by some home remedies, taking Eucalyptus oil internally can cause serious liver damage.

Dosage and Administration


  • Infusion (Tea): 2-3 g in 150 ml water, twice daily. Steep for 10 minutes.
  • Tincture 1:5 (g/ml): 10-15 ml, twice daily.


  • Unless otherwise prescribed: 4-6 g per day of chopped leaf for infusions
  • Inhalant: Deeply inhale the steam vapor of hot aqueous infusion.

The protective magick of Eucalyptus is short-lived but very potent. It removes negative influences from the immediate surroundings. Unlike some other protective herbs, Eucalyptus gently creates a barrier without attacking or constraining others.

Magickal Associations and Correspondences

Deities: Mercury, Venus
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Water, Air
Zodiac: Pisces, Cancer
Chakras: Root & Heart

Magickal Properties

  • banishing
  • cleansing
  • energy clearing
  • exorcism
  • healing addiction
  • healing sickness
  • increases physical energy
  • protection
  • purification
  • raising vibrations
  • reconciliation
  • spiritual growth
  • warding off evil

Simple Spells

  • Burn eucalyptus leaves to cleanse a person or area.
  • Place dried leaves or essential oil in a bowl of water and place in a sick room to ward off illness.
  • Rub the oil into a red candle to gain strength and endurance.
  • Add to healing poppets or charms.
  • Sprinkle dried leaves in thresholds to keep out unwanted entities.
  • Add to wards to keep unwanted influences at bay.
  • Add to spells to overcome blockages and reconcile difficulties in relationships.
  • Make an infusion of leaves of Eucalyptus, Mint, and Hyssop for washing floors and doorsteps. Hyssop cleanses evil, Eucalyptus heals the past, and Mint invites good luck.
  • To harness healing magick, light a blue or white candle in the middle of a ring of Eucalyptus leaves and focus on the area that needs healing.
  • Use eucalyptus in spells or ritual to cast out evil. Hang over windows and doors to keep evil from coming back in.
  • Add to grounding spells or any other spells that require harvesting earthly energies.
  • To help a sick loved one, place leaves near a photo of the person that needs healing.
  • To protect your valuables, place leaves near your jewelry box.

Purchase dried eucalyptus in the Apothecary.

Dig Deeper into your herbal education by exploring more herbs. You might like these other respiratory helpers.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am a not medical professional and everything written here is a product of my own research. Don’t take any advice given here over that of a trained doctor. If you ingest any herbs, always make sure that you’re 100% sure that they’re safe. If you’re pregnant or giving to a child, always consult a doctor before ingesting herbs and plant you aren’t familiar with. Magickal instruction and spells are for personal entertainment purposes only. The desired result/outcome cannot be guaranteed as a result of using any magickal item, and should not be used as a replacement for medical/professional assistance.

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