Beltane Blues to Blessings

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I am a witch with an issue. 

The wheel of the year has turned to Beltane once again.  Beltane, literally Bright Fire.  One of my favorite holidays, celebrated with beautiful bonfires, dancing, and singing, it symbolizes the return of fertility to the earth and to all those who walk upon it as well.

This year it coincides with a new moon which is of course the best time to harness magic of the orgasmic variety.  Sounds fun, right?

It’s also the time for setting intentions, new beginnings, and long term plans.

I can’t do any of those things.

Bonfires are out because the wind where I live is nothing short of obnoxious.  Last year we tried burning a candle in the vegetable garden to encourage their fertility but even that little flame seemed determined the dance away with the wind. Accidentally starting the next wildfire to hit the news would probably strip me of my green witch badge. 

My little witchlings and I had a plan though.

Dandelion cupcakes!

Dandelions are a wonderful little flower sacred to Beltane. They are used for healing, purification, and even bringing good luck your way. They also grow all over my backyard where I for sure know that they haven’t been sprayed with anything.

Except the parts needed to repair my broken oven got hung up in Kansas. (Sad face) No cupcakes.

No fire. No cupcakes. Definitely no sex since I’m going through a divorce. What’s a witch to do?! Unfortunately the whole long term planning thing is out too.

I suppose I’ll just have to channel my own inner phoenix, be my own bonfire. My inner fire has been banked for more than a decade by dismissal and ridicule.

Fire is purifying.

What better way to embrace the spirit of new beginnings than to breathe life back into my inner fire? Let it burn away the last dregs of the self doubt, pain, confusion, and anxiety that was my marriage. Then we’ll sweep the ashes up and out with a dance and a song and a few rhymed words of protection and growth.

Huh. Maybe I don’t have a problem after all. Maybe I just needed a little inner Beltane bonfire. I’m sure the universe won’t mind waiting for cupcakes.

Bright Beltane Blessings

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