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Bishop’s Journey

Why are we talking about my son's cardiovascular health? Because at the age of sixteen he was diagnosed with stage two hypertension and flagged as a heart attack risk. We went through all of the testing, and the doctors couldn't explain why his cardiovascular health was so poor.


UFOs and Vagina Spiders

This is a zero picture post, but I promise, it's worth the read if you are a parent or are thinking of becoming a parent. No one trains us for this. There is no manual, no adequate prepping course. There are only the strange and unbelievable battle stories of other parents. Even then, every day brings new and exciting adventures to face. Face them well, fellow big people. Our little people need us.

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The Secret to Ignoring the Weather: Updated

We call our educational experience a lot of things depending on the day. Homeschooling. Roadschooling. Wildschooling. Even forest schooling. It is not only possible to get out in almost all weather conditions...it's actually good for you! Here are our recommendations for our absolute favorite, will not compromise on, pieces of gear.

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Did somebody say PANIC?

I don't care if you call them panic attacks, anxiety episodes, or just crippling heart claws from hell...unexplained moments of intense emotional confusion and physical manifestation can be paralyzing. Terrifying. And different every time.

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Ten Shower Surprises

So we've been on this adventure for a while now and we've learned several interesting things about camp bathrooms. Honestly I hadn't given this much thought before we got started. We have a shower in our camper and most campgrounds have bathrooms. What was there to consider? Oh naive, little grasshopper. I had so much to learn.

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Ten Tips For A Medical Emergency On The Road

It was THE scariest thing I have ever faced on the road. Here are ten tips for a medical emergency on the road.

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What’s in the box? September Edition

Today was an exciting day! It was Amazon and Young Living delivery day so I had plenty of boxes to open. I'm going to ignore the Amazon boxes because replacement sewer gloves and a dehumidifier just aren't nearly as much fun as the other box.